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Wilson Ecological Consulting has a diverse clientele representing a variety of client types. In some instances, Wilson Ecological Consulting works as a sub-consultant to another firm (architect, engineer, or surveyor) but in many circumstances Wilson Ecological Consulting works directly for the client as the prime contractor. When necessary, Wilson Ecological Consulting will sub-contract specialized services to other consulting firms, such as minor engineering assignments. Some examples of recent projects completed by Wilson Ecological Consulting are summarized below.

Coal Waste Site Restoration Project
Wilson Ecological Consulting (WEC) performed natural resource and environmental studies for a private landowner attempting to clean up an historic coal waste site on private property in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Specific tasks completed by WEC include sampling and sub-contracted laboratory analysis of coal waste materials, GPS mapping of existing site features, wetland and waterway identification and delineation, erosion and sedimentation control plan preparation, restoration plan preparation, agency coordination, and Chapter 102 General NPDES permit application preparation and submittal. The NPDES permit was issued to the applicant, without technical comment, and the site restoration is planned for 2020 with potential similar site remediation on another area of the property planned in the near future.

Natural Resource Inventory of a Public Open-Space
Wilson Ecological Consulting (WEC) helps some clients manage lands for conservation purposes. One such client owns and operates an approximately 200-acre public open-space in Centre County, Pennsylvania. WEC performed resource inventory studies throughout the 2019 growing season with specific focus on wetland habitats, plants, amphibians, reptiles, birds, dragonflies, damselflies, tiger beetles, butterflies, and moths. The studies documented the presence of 16 wetlands totaling more than 12.5 acres, one federally-listed plant species, two special concern salamander species, two special concern snake species, one special concern turtle species, two special concern dragonfly species, three special concern damselfly species, six special concern breeding bird species, two special concern tiger beetle species, and one special concern moth species. The studies were documented in a single report that will be used in 2020 to create a Conservation Plan for the site.

Chapter 105/Section 404 Permitting
Wilson Ecological Consulting (WEC) routinely performs field studies and prepares permit applications for clients to perform work in wetlands and waterways. Specific projects completed in 2019 include the permitting of several fish habitat improvement projects along streams in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. These projects were funded through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Growing Greener Program and were completed in collaboration with the Cambria County Conservation District and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Other related wetland and waterway permitting projects completed in 2019 include a streambank restoration project for a private landowner in Blair County, Pennsylvania and a streambank restoration project for a municipality in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.

Resource Monitoring Projects
Wilson Ecological Consulting (WEC) routinely performs resource monitoring projects as required through state and/or federal permitting. In 2019 WEC completed resource monitoring projects for both wetland, stream, riparian, and upland habitat restoration efforts in support of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s P3 Rapid Bridge Replacement Project and several different oil and gas pipeline projects. Resource monitoring efforts were often as simple as the routine U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s PASPGP-5 Wetland Monitoring Report (1-page form with photographs) to as complex as an in-depth report with resource mapping, planted species survival counts, and corrective action recommendations.

Preliminary Bog Turtle Habitat Assessments
Wilson Ecological Consulting (WEC) routinely performs wetland identifications and delineations, as they are a required component of all land disturbance projects. In 2019, WEC worked in collaboration with some U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyors (QBTS) at performing wetland studies in association with habitat assessments for the federally-listed bog turtle. WEC performed wetland identifications and delineations on project sites in Chester County, Berks County, and Delaware County, Pennsylvania. When wetland habitat was confirmed, information was provided to the QBTS so that they could perform surveys to determine if the habitat was suitable for bog turtles. This work was performed for several different clients and in collaboration with an engineering firm.

Wilson Ecological Consulting is located in central Pennsylvania and works routinely throughout Pennsylvania and nearby eastern states.