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Mitigation Wetland Design and Performance Monitoring

In 2016, Wilson Ecological Consulting (WEC) completed year five of a six year wetland mitigation project in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.  Year one of the project included baseline studies that documented existing site conditions and provided background information for use in design of the created wetlands.  With that data, WEC prepared mitigation wetland design plans that were reviewed and approved by the regulatory agency (PA Department of Environmental Protection).  The wetlands were then created during the winter months such that performance monitoring could be initiated the following growing season.  WEC has conducted four consecutive years (7 events) of performance monitoring and expects to finish all required monitoring during the 2017 growing season.  The performance monitoring has identified one small area where wetland vegetation was slow to develop; therefore, corrective actions (supplemental seeding and minor earth work) were taken during the 2015 growing season by WEC to address this issue.  The mitigation wetlands total about 0.33-acre and contain a rather diverse flora for a small area (i.e. about 60 vegetation species).  Waterfowl and other birds, frogs, toads, salamanders, turtles, as well as large and small mammals have been documented in the created wetlands.

Rare Plant Species Impact Avoidance

In 2015 and 2016, WEC completed botanical surveys of an approximately 11.5-mile long proposed natural gas pipeline corridor in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  WEC identified 350 vascular plant species within the approximately 200-acre project study area.  Soft-leaved sedge (Carex disperma), a “rare” species in Pennsylvania, was identified in two forested wetlands associated with the project area.  WEC worked closely with the applicant such that both wetland habitats where soft-leaved sedge was documented could be avoided by the project.  WEC prepared a Botanical Survey Report, which included the avoidance recommendations, and received a clearance letter from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for use in project permitting.  This project may go to construction in 2017 and if it does WEC will monitor the rare species habitats to ensure and document that no impacts occur.

Pollinators in Special Concern Habitats

Since 2008, WEC has been conducting ecological surveys on an approximately 470-acre parcel in Centre County, Pennsylvania that has many unique special concern habitats.  These habitats include forested vernal pools, wetlands with rare, threatened, and/or endangered plant species, and upland habitats that contain unique and/or rare species.  WEC has documented nearly 500 vascular plant species, hundreds of wildlife species, and about a dozen special concern species at the site.  In 2017, WEC plans to investigate the pollinator diversity at the site.  The overall goal of the project is to document the principal pollinator species at the site.  However, a more specific goal of the project is to determine the pollinator assemblages of the various special concern habitats/species of the site.  This unique study will be important for development of long-term management planning at the site.  For example, WEC expects to identify areas at the site where specific species of plants could be established to improve pollinator diversity and the overall ecological health of the property.


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